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Veteran Owned and Operated

Just a dream turned reality when three brothers came together, with their love of animals, living a sustainable life, and passion for taking care of God's land to fuel their dream of starting a ranch. With two of the founders being active duty military, and witnessing the ever growing need to bring more awareness to our nation's Veterans, they merged the ideas. Not only will this ranch provide quality food for communities, but also a safe, therapeutic environment to help transition and provide support for Veterans. The Range Ranch is not just another farm, but a family giving back to its community in more ways than one. Through agriculture, animals and nature comes peace and healing. Equine, apitherapy, and other farm based therapy methods create a safe and healing environment for our Veteran brothers and sisters. Here at the Range Ranch, no Veteran will be left behind. 

Considering much of our ecosystem relies on honey bees to sustain crops and food sources, Range Ranch is vested in beekeeping to strengthen the biodiversity of which we all depend for our survival. Through natural selection and specific beekeeping practices our bees are acclimated to the climate of Western New York.

As the Marines finish up their active duty service, support their cause by 'sportin' country, patriotic themed apparel created all in the USA.

Donate to support the cause!

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